How to Make Sense of Nonsensical Wonderland

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Designed by Amy Parker | Country: USA

This children’s “guide book” attempts to make sense of a nonsense world we all know and love. Inspired by the infamous “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, this artist book highlights the playful copywriting and book production of Amy Parker, the animated typography of Mark Porier, and the quirky illustrations of Lauren Defranza. Examples of guidebook topics range from “How to Grow a Talking Garden” to “How to Behead a Head” to “How to Smoke a Hookah with a Caterpillar”- all very useful information in such a complicated world. This book was featured at the Fort Point Gallery in “Mentoring” by Mary McCarthy, which displayed the work of only ten Fort Point artists/educators and chosen student work.


I am a graphic designer who enjoys creating with my hands and exploring new ways of thinking about design. I embrace the creative process, and I approach projects with energy, integrity and a critical eye. I am always looking to collaborate with other designers! You can see more of my work at

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