HPR Calendar

Designed by Elvina Evania | Country: Australia

An annual calendar designed for HPR. This particular company specializes itself in healthy communication and work safety design solutions to organizations across Australia and New Zealand. The intention is to create a fun calendar design that promotes safety and wellness in workplace and everyday life.
The calendar’s content is the key role of the design idea. It feeds its user with some fun facts, informations,a simple tips about work safety and wellness as they flip through the months.

My name is Elvina, I am currently in my last year of undergraduate communication design study in RMIT University, Melbourne. The thought about graduating excites me, as I am really looking forward to joining the industry! My best area on designing is branding, publication, and print design. I believe that design should be exciting, effective, and functional at the same time. If you are interested on my works, please do visit my website www.elvinaevania.com

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