Keen Shaving Kit

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Designed by Chad Kirsebom | Country: USA

The goal of this project was to create a package set for a health and beauty product. I chose to do an old fashion shaving kit. One that would include a straight blade razor, leather sharpening strop, silver tip badger hair shaving brush, a shaving cream soap bar, and a mug. The brand I created is called KEEN. The word ‘keen’, is also known as sharp and or razor edge. I wanted KEEN to be seen as more of a modern company but with historic roots. Old fashion style with strong typographical design elements. I wanted their image to come off as clean and crisp as their product would leave your face.

My Name is Chad Kirsebom. I live in Minneapolis Minnesota. I am currently a Graphic Design student at the Art Institutes International Minnesota. I will be finishing up my degree in Dec 2011. I have a passion for vintage design. I think older packaging is absolutely beautiful. I get inspired by rummaging through flea markets and antique shops. When I am not designing, I am out riding my fixed gear bike. Nothing clears your mind like a good peddle through the city. Design to me is a hobby, a passion, and a way of life.

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