Bittersweet Bakery packaging

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Designed by Bovornrat Kasemkamolkij | Country: Thailand

Bittersweet is an in-house bakery store. It is about indulgence – plain and simple. With an onsite cafe, Bittersweet reminds customers to stop and enjoy the sweet life, while the products and packaging also make it the perfect place to select a gift. 





My name is Bovornrat Kasemkamolkij. Before I became a Graphic Designer, I had explored some other routes such as Business and Fine Arts. However, it comes down to me that Graphic Design is actually everything that I have been looking for.

I have always been curious about everything around me. How does it work? Why is it like that? What makes it look like that? WHo designed it? and etc. Graphic Design and the opportunity to be living and studying abroad inSan Francisco allow me to become a problem solver, good thinker, leader, dreamer and that list continues to grow.

Overall, after 4 years of studying Graphic Design in San Francisco, I am excited to work in a real world, engaging my skills, be part of a team, and be able to make our world a more beautiful place to live.

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