The Lewis Carroll Mad Tea Collection

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Designed by Neha Hattangdi | Country: USA / India

Founded in 2010, The Lewis Carroll Tea Collection aims to capture the essence of Lewis Carroll and his work. The brand creates the most delicious blends of whole leaf teas, rough-cut herbs and flowers. In addition to all the things goodness packaged within this box, feel great knowing that the proceeds from the sales go towards encouraging children to do all things creative, with the support from Pencils of Promise.

For the Lewis Carroll Mad Tea Collection, I designed an Identity system and the Mad Tea box which included 3 tea leaves bottles, a bar of dark chocolate, reusable eco-friendly tea bags, a tea leaf strainer and a brochure about the Mad Tea Collection in relation with Pencils of Promise.

You could be tucked in the cosy corner of your living room, read your favorite book from childhood & enjoy this relaxing experience by sipping on one of the teas from the whimsical collection.










Raised in a family that values art and literature, I have always been artistically inclined. ‘Art’ as a subject both attracts and intrigues me as it is the only subject not defined by precise rules or principles. At the same time, there is tremendous scope for self-expression, which is the reason for my decision to pursue it as a career.

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