The Coffee Co•Op

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Designed by Jake Dugard | Country: USA

The Coffee Co•Op is a fictitious coffee shop and was developed as part of a identity systems campaign in grad school. The story of this shop was first developed and then various branding materials were designed. The culmination of the project was a photo shoot of the made items in a setting that further reflected the aesthetic of The Coffee Co•Op.
As a part of the campaign, a focus was placed on the final presentation and production of the pieces. Vinyl, screen printing, and stamping was incorporated. I have always wanted to start my own coffee shop so I think that is one of the reasons I chose to design a campaign centered around one. The pictures were taken by Dan Snow.











My name is Jake Dugard and I’m a graphic designer from Shreveport, LA. I graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2009 with my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, and I am currently pursuing my Masters of Fine Arts. I live in Ruston, LA with my beautiful wife.
My passion is logo/identity/branding, print and illustration work.

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