Liberte Absinthe Bottle

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Designed by Marius Wathne | Country: Australia / Norway

With inspiration from the 19th century bohemes of France, this absinthe was created to reflect the mystique and the culture that the drink was surrounded by. It was believed to stimulate creativity, raise the drinkers consciousness, insights, and emotional experience. Aiming for the high-end market this packaging is minimalistic with only two colours in addition to the dark green bottle; black and silver.




I am a graphic designer currently based in Melbourne where I am finishing my bachelors degree in communication design. I really enjoy branding, publication design, typography, packaging design, web design and more.

I was born in Stavanger, Norway, and moved to a town outside Drammen at age seven named Mjøndalen. At age 16 I started at Åssiden VGS to do Media & Communiacation, and that’s when I picked up my interest in graphic design. Three years later I decided to move to Trondheim, where I had two great years studying. Now I live in Carlton – in the heart of Melbourne.

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