Global Air Power Museum

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Designed by Jake Dugard | Country: USA

The Global Air Power Museum is a museum that preserves the history of aircraft. They showcase planes used in WWII and presently used jets and bombers. The museum’s mission is to generate interest in the heritage of the 8th Air Force and preserve these planes and other memorabilia.
This was a class project focused on relating with an actual client, meeting deadlines, and forming a comprehensive campaign across multiple media. The museum has a lot of history but was looking to update their brand that also shows the newer weaponry in the Air Force (newer planes and missiles/bombs). I decided to combine the shape of a plane and missile as the main logo mark.









My name is Jake Dugard and I’m a graphic designer from Shreveport, LA. I graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 2009 with my Bachelor’s in Graphic Design, and I am currently pursuing my Masters of Fine Arts. I live in Ruston, LA with my beautiful wife.
My passion is logo/identity/branding, print and illustration work.

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