Adam and Eve Law Firm Branding

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Designed by Raewyn Brandon | Country: New Zealand

A strategy driven project creating the branding for a new Intellectual Property Law Firm. Adam and Eve uses traditional biblical references as inspiration for each design solution while maintaining a modern day approach.

Adam & Eve represents a group of creative professionals who share ideas, experience, knowledge, the understanding and commitment to achieve legal results for their clients. Adam & Eve uses traditional biblical philosophies as a model in order to communicate their values as an Intellectual Property Law Firm.

This brief was to create the branding for an ‘Intellectual Property Law Firm’ that explores and challenges marketing and advertising strategies. I wanted to create a law firm that pushed the creative boundaries of design and marketing so decided to use a slightly controversial approach using religious influences to drive the design.

The name ‘Adam and Eve’ sets a very obvious tone for this company, in which I then created 10 “commandments” that the company prided themselves on. These commandments / values were what influenced the design solutions eg. one value was being a friend to nature, which inspired the eco materials and stocks. The design direction lead to mixing old traditional styles with modern techniques such as the scroll invitation in a modern day mailing tube.


















Hi, my name is Raewyn Brandon and I am an enthusiastic graphic and web designer residing in Hamilton, New Zealand. My passion for design ranges from very contemporary, modern designs through to the more alternative, vintage style. The saying ‘less is more’ is a key influence in my design as I have a very simplistic, minimal style.

I am passionately creative, quality driven and motivated to create the best design solution. Combined with an indepth approach to research and analysis, I am able to focus on the target audience and engage the design in a way that meets the brief. Hardwork and determination are key qualities that makes my designs successful and I believe my eye for detail and high standards ensures a thorough design process and solution. I enjoy life and am passionate about providing excellence in everything I do. While graphic design was my major, I have also established some technical knowledge in website development.

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