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Designed by Espen Hansen | Country: Norway

Packaging design for an Italian farm house that produce organic food for fresh markets. The design needed to be DIY to some extend.

The box is made in recycled paper/ cardboard. Its made as a frame with a front and back cover that slides off. This gives the client to frame sizes to work with, they can easy change the front and back cover to go with the product inside.

The tomato sauce is a label on a re-bottled beer bottel.








I am graphic designer from Norway. I graduate as a graphic designer from the Norwegian School of Creative Studies in Oslo in 2010 and have a bachelor degree in communication design from RMIT university in Melbourne, Australia.

My work experience combined with my skill in design gives me the edge I need to think of design as a communication device not just decoration. I belive that the key to optimize a marketing strategy is to use visual communication to reach the rigth target audience.

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