Chalk It Up packaging

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Designed by Sarah Minnerly | Country: USA

Chalk It Up came to life by mixing the two concepts of chalk and art. I wanted the box itself to be environmentally friendly, and interactive with the user. This way, the box has a secondary use making it much more sustainable. The chalk itself is placed individually within a triangular prism which prevents the chalk from breaking when dropped or shipped, unlike any other chalk packaging. On the back this brand encourages its buyer to interact and create tiny works of art on the package itself.






Hello! My name is Sarah Minnerly and I am originally from a quaint fishing town on the water in Connecticut, called Rowayton. I adore texture, language and independent films. Being a graphic design major with an advertising minor at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I have a strong and passionate interest in graphic design, art direction, and package design. I believe that my best work comes from doing things by hand, and exploring all types of mediums, even ones I am not familiar with. More than half of my process involves research, concepting and sketching. I believe that getting a firm grasp on what you are trying to communicate is essential when it comes to creating great design.

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