Blended from Imagination – Bigelow Tea

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Designed by Thanyaluck Keawkingkeo | Country: Thailand

Blended from Imagination is the concept for new Bigelow tea. I created overall design based on brand history that the founder (Ruth Campbell Bigelow) produced her homemade tea from experiment. The purpose is to be able to express the art of making tea and reflect homemade quality tea started from family kitchen. Her flavoured tea changed the way people drank tea in America. I wanted the ideas of authentic, natural ingredients, and care given process communicated through my design as well.

In class, students also needed to create a promotional kit to support a charity or a non-profit organization they selected. I chose to support Care, a humanitarian organization fighting global poverty, which they also focus on empowering women, who can help their families and entire communities escape poverty. I found that their mission tiled very well with the story of Bigelow, which was a woman who had power to change the way people drank tea in the United States.








I was born and grow up in Chiang Mai, the second largest city of Thailand, and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with the major in Visual Communication Design with minor in Printing.

After graduation, I worked as a designer for children’s books for the Thailand’s Ministry of Education and later in the private company, Idealounge Group, as a wedding card designer.

Although the work was creatively satisfying, I realized that I wanted to extend my professional skills and technical knowledge. I am currently working towards a Master of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

The program at AAU is challenging and vocationally relevant and I am confident that upon completion I will be able to enter the industry once again with an improved skill set and embark upon a rewarding career.

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