Take Away packaging

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Designed by Beatrice Menis | Country: Spain

The aim of this project was to design a packaging for take away. Nowadays there are infinite types of fast foods which offer take away, that’s why we chose to narrow it down to a special sector of the market.
We chose to focus on lactose intolerance, offering take away dairy-free breakfasts! At Müd we offer cupcakes, donuts, cookies and loaf cakes which you can combine with coffee, tea or hot chocolate and everything is without lactose!
Feel free to add any type of dairy-free milk that you want such as almond, rice, oat, etc.

We offer two different packagings, one for the combination of coffee and cookie/loaf cake and a bigger one of coffee and muffin/donut.
Everything comes with two different kind of stickers, both applied on the sides of the packagings, ones with what there’s inside of the packaging and the other ones with emotional sentences about your mood.
Finally we wanted to create a brand specialized in dairy-free products but with a modern graphic style which could easily reach to a bigger target.

mud_composition mud_topview mudcup_cookie mud_stickers mud_all mud_detail

I’m a creative person with a particular passion for the amazing packaging world.
My interests also include graphic design, communication & every little thing that I could possibly apply to my designs.
I have always lived in an international environment, I’m Italian, and this is my forth year in Barcelona! I really enjoy travelling because it gives me the chance to meet people with different experiences and different cultural backgrounds which help me grow as a person.

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