Helldunkel (Lightdark)

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Designed by Sung-Hi Leem | Country: Germany

The fictional company “Helldunkel”, combines a traditional bakery offering micro-brewed beers as a way to experience the diversity and taste of the region. During the mill production, the regionally harvested grain is freshly milled or processed into malt. The unfiltered, natural beers are complimented by gently kneaded and wholesome breads baked with careful craftsmanship, conveying a passion for quality.

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Sung-Hi Leem studied at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund, Germany. During her studies, she completed two internships. The focus of nowakteufelknyrim in Düsseldorf, is in the multi-disciplined range of exhibition design, signage and orientation systems, and communication design. Fuenfwerken in Wiesbaden work in the area of corporate design and branding. After graduating, Sung-Hi Leem worked for various agencies with a focus on corporate design and communication in space.

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