Tenuta Veneta

Designed by Manuel Bortoletti | Country: Italy

Promotion of the agri-food quality of Veneto. The project illustrates the brand identity of Tenuta Veneta, the name of a fictitious multifunctional structure which promotes the quality of the agri-food of Veneto, an Italian region, where they aren’t only bought, but consumed and studied. The project starts with the logo analysis, whose purpose is giving the feeling of direct contact between the producer and the final consumer. Then, it continues with the study of the labels of the products sold in the shop, trying to create an consistent visual identity, adhering to the values ​​of the brand. Finally, the project takes into account a small informative booklet and the website. The first wants to communicate the face and the history of the products, while the second will give the possibility to subscribe to the events organized by Tenuta Veneta and buy products directly from the online shop.

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Hi, my name is Manuel. I’m a Venice based graphic designer, addicted to branding, infodesign and illustration.

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