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Turó Blanc

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Designed by Andreu Zaragoza | Country: Spain This project was done in a workshop at Pati Núñez Studio that consisted of designs for two different types of olive oil but with the same brand. One is a limited production, ecological olive oil and the other is an industrial produced but sophisticated

Self Promotional Mailer

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Designed by Emma Hopkins | Country: United Kingdom As part of my course I have the opportunity to obtain some practical experience within the design industry.  Rather than sending a covering email and a CV,  I have recently posted multiple self promotional mailers to companies I would like to


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Designed by Sebastián Castro Martínez | Country: Spain The assignment was to develop the identity and packaging of a line of products for Superfacial, a brand of skin care products. Superfacial’s products are 100% organic, highly effective and can be used by both women and men. The brand wants to

Misheard Song Lyrics

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Designed by Dominique Falla | Country: Australia The theme this for this year’s AGDA poster annual was music, so I made a wine bottle devoted to my favourite misheard song lyric from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”. The real lyric is “as we wind on down the road” but

Roots – Plant your own

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Designed by Jodie Smith | Country: United Kingdom Roots is a ‘pack’ for recent allotment members. It comes with a helpful booklet and bits and bobs. One of the main aspects is making it a family occasion, therefore there is a kids pack inside it too. One of the

City of Tver Tourist Identity

Designed by Ekaterina Dubeykovskaya | Country: Russia “City of Tver Tourist Identity” is my graduation project at British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow.  Tver is ancient regional centre with 400 thousand population, 2,5 hours away from Moscow. City has high potential but currently pure tourist stream due to low awareness

Rosy Lee’s Remarkable Remedy

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Designed by Kylie-Ann Homer, Sadie-Marie Dedman and Senwelo Foster | Country: United Kingdom Rosy Lee’s Remarkable Remedy are soluble tea pills, which were created in order to illustrate the medicinal qualities of tea. Tea is often used to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life. Rosy Lee’s allows for a quick

How to Make Sense of Nonsensical Wonderland

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Designed by Amy Parker | Country: USA This children’s “guide book” attempts to make sense of a nonsense world we all know and love. Inspired by the infamous “Alice in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll, this artist book highlights the playful copywriting and book production of Amy Parker, the animated

Camellia Cellars

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Designed by Laura Davis | Country: USA Camellia Cellars is a family run vineyard and inn up in Healdsburg, California with a cute, pink Baroque-style house and antique furniture with lots of floral, lots.

Chevrolet 100-year commemorative poster

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Designed by Laura Hobson | Country: United Kingdom This is an A1 size 100-year commemorative poster for the Young Creative Chevrolet 2011 competition, which won 1st place nationally and 2nd place internationally.