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NYC Spaghetti Packaging

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Designed by Alex Creamer | Country: United Kingdom The NYC Spaghetti started as a university project where I had to repackage a diffcult item. My choice was spaghetti and it became the focal point of the packaging. On the underside of the box is a model of the Chrysler building that when pushed

Divanhana Corporate Identity

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Designed by Déno Lelić | Country: Slovenia Corporate Identity for Divanhana, lounge & restaurant. Custom logo, type, pattern….

Visual Food Guide Website

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Designed by Giang Nguyen, Thuy Truc | County: Vietnam Web design for KitchMe’s visual food guide, which provides information about cooking ingredients (description, storing, preparing, nutritional info, media, etc.). A warm & friendly design with a unique icon set for categorizing ingredients.

Cullisse Highland Rapeseed Oil Packaging

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Designed by Freddy Taylor | Country: United Kingdom Robert MacKenzie wanted a contemporary brand that reflects the tradition and quality of Cullisse rapeseed oil, whilst avoiding Scottish cliches. Through hand-blown, glass bottles and unembellished typography, Cullisse is beginning to conquer the farm shops and groceries of the highlands.

Elixer Scotch Whisky Packaging

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Designed by Jamie Kunka | Country: United Kingdom Elixer is a 15 year old whisky blend sourced from independent Scottish distilleries. It aims to draw in a new female and male audience and entice them to try whisky in new ways. It is designed to stand out from conventional whisky packaging

Hangerpak Concept

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Designed by Steve Haslip | Country: United Kingdom The concept was fairly simple: I buy t-shirts online and they always come wrinkled and I always run out of coat-hangers. So I designed a sustainable, reusable way to send and keep your t-shirts. As you open the package you create

Envirokidz Organic Cereal

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Designed by Sarah Machicado | Country: USA Package and identity re-design for four Envirokidz Organic Cereal brands. The objective was to target environmentally conscience consumers as well as sustaining a kid-friendly design. The Package is envisioned to be eco-friendly with soy inks printed on paperboard and re-purposed with a

Pigeon Men’s Care products

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Designed by Sergey Grigoryan | Country: USA Pigeon is a mens care line for the purist guy who take pride in in taking care of himself. The flagship pieces of this line are the shaving accessories, from the straight edge razor to the shave soap and brush. These products

Relationsh*t boxes

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Designed by Senwelo Foster | Country: United Kingdom We all have baggage from previous relationships: Unwanted DVDs, love letters, jewellery and old jumpers. The mere presence of these items can prevent a person from moving on because of their emotional significance, or even worse, explaining their origin might threaten

ShareWithMe Chocolate packaging

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Designed by Stellan Rexmark | Country: Sweden Packaging concept for a chocolate bar that is designed to be split in half and shared. The two sides of the chocolate bar mirror one another.