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Milk Magazine

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Designed by Raewyn Brandon | Country: New Zealand MILK is a seasonal magazine showcasing the world’s very best of graphic design solutions across a range of projects. From books to brochures invitations to annual reports, logos to business cards. This magazine sources inspirational examples of extraordinary graphic design that will get

Bite Travel Flavors

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Designed by Malcolm Simmons | Country: USA Bite is the ultimate source for adding flavor to any camping, backpacking or hiking trip. The kit contains a variety of portable spices and sauces, as well as a flavoring guide, to add some much needed seasoning to otherwise bland trips. The identity and

Mr & Mrs Eaves Poster

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Designed by Retnodewiningrum Hadiningdiah | Country: Australia A poster dedicated to the typeface Mr Eaves and Mrs Eaves. Personifying them as a couple in a made up story about them based on their characteristics.

Pictogram Wine Bottles

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Designed by Sascha Elmers | Country: Germany Pictogram Wine Bottle Branding. Project done at DFI Hamburg.

Tattoo Infographics

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Designed by Paul Marcinkowski | Country: Poland Made as a school project at Academy Of Fine Arts in Łódź. Department of Graphics and Painting. Editorial Design Studio. Prof. Sławomir Kosmynka.

Portfolio 1.0 – Graphic Design Portfolio

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Designed by Hyun Auh | Country: USA My personal student portfolio straight out of college. I chose to craft an accordion-fold book made from one continuos sheet to create an elegant, seamless, and professional-looking object that stood out from the crowd, yet not overwhelming the content. The book can

Teatul tea packaging

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Designed by Pavla Chuykina & Ann Moiseenko | Country: Russia This brand was made for city residents. Chaos and high speed are an integral part of life in the city. Stop! Make tea! Concept: drink alive, fresh tea and feel nature in the city.

Bite Bakery branding and packaging

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Designed by Hannah Jackson | Country: United Kingdom Branding and packaging for a new bakery in Leeds. Concept: Fairtrade & organic bakery. Duration: Five weeks. Specifications: One colour + stock on Vegware biodegradable material.

Kossmann Introductory Flyer

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Designed by Joschko Hammermann | Country: Germany An introductory flyer for the new brand “Kossmann”.

Old Port Ice Cream

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Designed by Justin Barber | Country: USA Ice Cream the Old Fashioned Way. This comprehensive branding project was done as my final project for my Design 102: Color Theory class that includes the logo, packaging, website, collateral, and a 60 second advertisement. Old Port Ice Cream markets itself as