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Lenox Ave.

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Designed by Malcolm Simmons | Country: USA Lenox Ave. is an upscale restaurant offering the best in American and international fine dining. The styling of the identity aligns itself with the classic aesthetic of the restaurant, the brand and the food.

Adam and Eve Law Firm Branding

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Designed by Raewyn Brandon | Country: New Zealand A strategy driven project creating the branding for a new Intellectual Property Law Firm. Adam and Eve uses traditional biblical references as inspiration for each design solution while maintaining a modern day approach.

Monsieur Appert Identity

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Designed by Diogo Nasimento | Country: Portugal Monsieur Appert, a preserved fruit and vegetables business with a French spirit that works with the tradition of the natural method and pays homage to the figure of the cook who has discovered the formula for preserving food: Nicolas Appert.

Marketing Lab Corporate Identity

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Designed by Jarek Kowalczyk | Country: Poland Marketing Lab is a small company from Wroclaw. They specialize in a marketing research as a mystery shopper or a brand image research.

Chunks: Galletas Hechas en Casa

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Designed by Manuel Llaguno | Country: Mexico Chunks focuses on providing high quality home baked goods for dessert lovers. The brand was to be designed to reflect a professional yet warm image while maintaining an elegant aesthetic. It should be iconic and recognized easily. The result uses simple classic

Global Air Power Museum

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Designed by Jake Dugard | Country: USA The Global Air Power Museum is a museum that preserves the history of aircraft. They showcase planes used in WWII and presently used jets and bombers. The museum’s mission is to generate interest in the heritage of the 8th Air Force and preserve these

Elaion Corporate Identity

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Designed by Déno Lelić | Country: Slovenia Corporate Identity  for Elaion, extra virgin olive oil.

Baümmvill Brand Identity

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Designed by Wonchan Lee | Country: Australia Brand Identity, Stationery and Website for Baümmvill.

Vistas Revisor Visual Identity

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Designed by Thorbjørn Gudnason | Country: Denmark Vistas Revisor is an accountant company who focus on smaller entrepreneurs based in Denmark. The company needed to update and modernize their visual idenity, the design should include professionalism, trust, modern in it’s expression.


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Designed by Jonathan Faust | Country: Portugal A visual identity for a fictive company “Earl/Grey”. The idea was to give the tea “Earl grey” a helping hand to become popular again.