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Pirie Tasmania

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Designed By Magnus Henriksen & Amandus Bjerk | Country: Norway Pirie Tasmania is a wine producer located on the northern part of the Australian island Tasmania. The environment surrounding the vineyards are a beautiful mix of mountains, forests and rivers.

The Patch

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Designed by Jackie Elliott | Country: Australia The Patch Strawberry Farm required a new brand identity and packaging, in order to demonstrate their high quality produce and professional service. The final result is one of style and sophistication, and appeals to all age groups. Kraft paper is a key stock, reflecting the ‘earthy’

The Fairfax Boulangerie

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Designed by Ryan Chung | Country: Canada The Brief To create an identity for a French bakery. Design a logo and collateral. The Solution The logo references vintage French typography, while remaining contemporary. The natural brown of the collateral imparts an old-world feel and remains environmentally conscious by using post consumer

The Wine & Cheese Gallery

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Designed by Catalina Rozo | Country: Colombia Rebrand and Menu design for The Wine and Cheese Gallery. A full- service wine, cheese and gourmet shop, featuring a popular outdoor patio bistro and an indoor restaurant. 

With a Little Help from my Friends

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Designed by Gianluca Crudele | Country: Italy Everyone has his own identity which represents who he is himself. Neverthless, when we interact with other people, we choose, depending on the situation, which part of our identity to show. However, the consequent emptiness is filled by ours interlocutors with a

Brita Branding and Packaging

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Designed by Alex Lee | Country: USA Brita is a company that specializes in water filtration products. The design makes the brand more approachable, while emphasizing what is pure, simple, and good about filtered water. 


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Designed by Beth Chapleau | Country: Canada DoveLewis is a non-profit emergency animal hospital located in Portland, Oregon.  This print and web campaign featured a redesign of their logo and website, a newspaper ad and a direct mail piece. 

Good Meats

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Designed by Chad Kirsebom | Country: USA GOOD MEATS is a local butcher shop where quality cut meats and family, sit at the top of the list. In this project my goal was to create a business and brand it accordingly. Keeping the old true roots of the business but adding a little

To The Printers

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Designed by Julian Yeo | Country: Australia To The Printers, an online sub brand to Bambra Press designed to cater for design students. The sub brand steers away from its original corporate identity to create a more approachable, positive and friendly mood.

Caffè Cortesia

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Designed by Augusto Arduini | Country: Italy Brief: To create awareness of unconscious social abuse, highlighting it in time as close as possible to it