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Eos Coffee Packaging

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Designed by Jose A. Garrido | Country: Spain The aim of this project was to create a brand image for Eos that shows a classy but modern style in a simple way. And then create a packaging and a wall graphic that fit the brand with no fancy design.


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Designed by Elvina Evania | Country: Australia Identity establishment for a boutique property developer who targets high income and design conscious people. Their works are minimal yet edgy and contemporary.

Keen Shaving Kit

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Designed by Chad Kirsebom | Country: USA The goal of this project was to create a package set for a health and beauty product. I chose to do an old fashion shaving kit. One that would include a straight blade razor, leather sharpening strop, silver tip badger hair shaving

Omnibus Film Festival

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Designed by Chul Lee | Country: USA Branding Identity for Omnibus Film Festival. The identity reflects the core concept of omnibus films which is the collaboration between filmmakers. 

Now and Next Products

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Designed by Caroline Saridewi | Country: USA Now&Next offers a wide array of high quality unique products with the goal of enhancing our shoppers lives at every stage. It divides into 3 categories; Bachelor, New Home, New Baby.

Taste of Honey

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Designed by Danielle Mitchell | Country: USA Branding and packaging for “Taste of Honey” product, name inspired by the Beatles. Includes: honey jars, wooden honey sampler, honey sticks and recipe cards.

Cambium – Urban Shop Membership Kit

Designed By Stren Pipkin | Country: USA Cambium is more than a shop, its a family Main demographic focuses on 50-60 yr male woodworker who lives in the city but currently don”t have access to a shop. Members of Cambium pay a monthly fee to have access to industrial machines and

Bikram Yoga

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Designed By Magnus Henriksen | Country: Norway Bikram Yoga is an intense type of yoga where you work out in 40 degrees celsius. I was asked to design an identity which represent this type of Hot Yoga. Life, organic shapes and intensity were some of my keywords!

The Bitter Chocolatier

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Designed By Miguel Molina | Country: Canada The challenge: Create a sophisticated identity and packaging that reflect The Bitter Chocolatier’s luxury offering and ironic humour. The solution: The brand has an edge. The elegant look contrasts sharply with its ironic humour. Poking fun at himself, The Bitter Chocolatier tells his tales of misfortune throughout

Creative Arts Summer Show

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Designed by Emma Hopkins | Country: United Kingdom A brief to design promotional material for the 2011 Creative Arts Summer Show  at Weston College. The brief was to be interpreted as I wished. This was my first real attempt at a set of illustrations to represent the creativity of the college,