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Welcome Back!

Welcome back to Student Showcase! After almost three years out, we’ve decided to get our site up and running again. So get ready to find some of the best student design work from around the world right here.

Hangerpak Concept

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Designed by Steve Haslip | Country: United Kingdom The concept was fairly simple: I buy t-shirts online and they always come wrinkled and I always run out of coat-hangers. So I designed a sustainable, reusable way to send and keep your t-shirts. As you open the package you create

Relationsh*t boxes

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Designed by Senwelo Foster | Country: United Kingdom We all have baggage from previous relationships: Unwanted DVDs, love letters, jewellery and old jumpers. The mere presence of these items can prevent a person from moving on because of their emotional significance, or even worse, explaining their origin might threaten

Tattoo Infographics

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Designed by Paul Marcinkowski | Country: Poland Made as a school project at Academy Of Fine Arts in Łódź. Department of Graphics and Painting. Editorial Design Studio. Prof. Sławomir Kosmynka.

20000 leagues under the sea (opening titles)

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Designed by Ivan Maximov | Country: Russia University project. The brief was to make opening titles for 20000 leagues under the sea. Water background was also recorded by me.

HEY – Social Campaign

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Designed by Johan Jøsok | Country: United Kingdom These days, people have a tendency to sit quietly in their seats while commuting. Hey want this to change. Instead, Hey want people to start talking with their fellow travellers and learn something about them. People have experienced a lot, and

San Francisco Zoo Table Lamp

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Designed by Darshita Mistry | Country: USA Sustainable Table Lamp Design for San Francisco Zoo.

Stirring up organization for creativity

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Designed by Thanyaluck Keawkingkeo | Country: Thailand The final project was from Book Arts and I named it,Mini-Gallery, as it was designed and built for keeping my small art pieces. I personally like an innovative and playful structure that can attract audiences and make them want to spend time observing and playing

The Typecircle

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Designed by Thorbjørn Gudnason | Country: Denmark A poster I did for a schoolassignment; make a poster that visualize the 10 different categories of typography.

Health and Safety Infographic Calendar 2012

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Designed by Marius Wathne | Country: Australia / Norway This brief was from Health Promotion Resources to make a calendar that appeals to a broad client base under the heading of ‘Health and Safety in the workforce’. The approach was to make four A2 posters in an info-graphical style