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Daft Punk CD

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Designed By Miguel Molina | Country: Canada The challenge Design a sleek, modern CD cover for the group’s album, Discovery. The solution The wireframe images reference mixers and visualizers that represent each individual song. The entire album can be considered one long song that spikes fourteen times. Each spike is styled

Garden Casino Invitation

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Designed By Bryan Ku | Country: USA Invitation for Black Jackpot, a blackjack tournament at The Gardens Casino, includes a personal letter detailing the event, event poster, rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, fortune cat, and 50 dollars worth of poker chips.

Orangina – The One Minute Holiday

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Designed by Pia Storm & Rine Boland Folden | Country: Denmark For our bachelor project we created a campaign launching Orangina in Denmark. We learned that Danes love and know Orangina from holidays in France and based upon this insight we introduced Orangina as “holiday in a bottle”.

Now and Next Products

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Designed by Caroline Saridewi | Country: USA Now&Next offers a wide array of high quality unique products with the goal of enhancing our shoppers lives at every stage. It divides into 3 categories; Bachelor, New Home, New Baby.

Cozy Jumpers Knitted Typeface

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Designed by Dominique Falla | Country: Australia This is one of my pieces for a group exhibition titled “We Heart Winter”. I designed a typeface based on the Fair Isle style of knitting and then embroidered the words onto Stonehenge watercolour paper.

Kildevaeld / Bon Aqua

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Designed by Pia Storm & Rine Boland Folden | Country: Denmark The Kildevaeld campaign aired March 2010 in five countries – Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. We worked with an insight that water is good for body and soul. Kildevaeld is tapped locally and therefore you can drink it

HPR Calendar

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Designed by Elvina Evania | Country: Australia An annual calendar designed for HPR. This particular company specializes itself in healthy communication and work safety design solutions to organizations across Australia and New Zealand. The intention is to create a fun calendar design that promotes safety and wellness in workplace and everyday life.

Cambium – Urban Shop Membership Kit

Designed By Stren Pipkin | Country: USA Cambium is more than a shop, its a family Main demographic focuses on 50-60 yr male woodworker who lives in the city but currently don”t have access to a shop. Members of Cambium pay a monthly fee to have access to industrial machines and

Creative Arts Summer Show

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Designed by Emma Hopkins | Country: United Kingdom A brief to design promotional material for the 2011 Creative Arts Summer Show  at Weston College. The brief was to be interpreted as I wished. This was my first real attempt at a set of illustrations to represent the creativity of the college,

Pillow Fight

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Designed By Bryan Ku | Country: USA Silkscreened on fabric, stuffed and hand sewn pillows.