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Chinese Meal for Two

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Designed by Amy Louise Baker | Coutry: United Kingdom Supermarket packaging for a Chinese meal for two. The inner package structure is based on the traditional layout of the Chinese dining table. Perforated matts can be removed from the main base. The packaging continues to contribute to the dining

Snake Blood Wine

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Designed by Sasha Ermolenko | Country: Russia Wine “Snake blood” inspired by the Vietnamese tradition of making wine, infused by snake poison. The indian wine “Lakh”. On a legend this wine is drinking great Hindu god Visvarupa.

Curious Mixture Absinthe

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Designed by Stig Bratvold | Country: Norway Curious Mixture is a supérieur French Absinthe Les Blanche. The name is inspired from the curious mixture of herbs that are put together to make this Absinthe. The black bottle gives it a mysterious character. The design is inspired from French vintage

Bittersweet Bakery packaging

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Designed by Bovornrat Kasemkamolkij | Country: Thailand Bittersweet is an in-house bakery store. It is about indulgence – plain and simple. With an onsite cafe, Bittersweet reminds customers to stop and enjoy the sweet life, while the products and packaging also make it the perfect place to select a

Do or Die Coffee Packaging

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Designed by Retnodewiningrum Hadiningdiah | Country: Australia When it comes to work, coffee is man’s best friend as it helps you fight the invisible monsters like sleepiness and inability to focus by stimulating your brain. 

Summer Sippers – Wine Glass Packaging

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Designed by Jung Paek | Country: USA Minimal usage of cardboard, this wine glass packaging comes in pairs; however, if one must only purchase one due to a mishap, one can perforate the middle and take a single wine glass home. 

Brita Branding and Packaging

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Designed by Alex Lee | Country: USA Brita is a company that specializes in water filtration products. The design makes the brand more approachable, while emphasizing what is pure, simple, and good about filtered water. 

Bona Fide

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Designed by Amy Nortman | Country: USA Bona Fide is a concept brand and product line that I named and created from scratch. After receiving my assignment, which gave me no more than the subject of ‘cake mixes’ to work with, I decided to design a modern take on

Geo Organics

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Designed by Freddy Taylor | Country: United Kingdom Brief: Walk into any supermarket, choose a brand you dislike and re-brand & re-package, anything goes. Brand selected Geo Organics. Concept: Try an reflect the honesty of the brand and product through innovative packaging and a new logo: Bean Bags

SEMKE Sunflower Seeds

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Designed by Ivan Burmistrov | Country: Russia This package is a weekly task for my design class. I tried made ​​luxury pack for a product that oriented exclusively on lower price segment. In other words just have a fun.The form of ornament and transparent windows inspired by sunflower. The