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Designed by Kyla Tom | Country: USA yum. is a playful and fictional chocolate bar brand I created for a class in college. We had to create a brand identity and theme as well as the packaging. The idea behind yum. is to embrace the simplicity of chocolate. Chocolate

Caffè Cortesia

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Designed by Augusto Arduini | Country: Italy Brief: To create awareness of unconscious social abuse, highlighting it in time as close as possible to it

Thomas Keller Products

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Designed by Caroline Saridewi | Country: USA The objective of this project is to create a product line for a famous chef that gives people a fine dining experience at home but yet still feel friendly and approachable.

Eos Coffee Packaging

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Designed by Jose A. Garrido | Country: Spain The aim of this project was to create a brand image for Eos that shows a classy but modern style in a simple way. And then create a packaging and a wall graphic that fit the brand with no fancy design.

Garden Casino Invitation

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Designed By Bryan Ku | Country: USA Invitation for Black Jackpot, a blackjack tournament at The Gardens Casino, includes a personal letter detailing the event, event poster, rabbit’s foot, horseshoe, fortune cat, and 50 dollars worth of poker chips.

Queensland Suncare

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Designed by Hanne Arsnes | Country: Norway QUEENSLAND SUNCARE was a packaging project during summer 2011, second year of graphic design. The packaging is a fictional Australian product for the Norwegian market. There were made a series of suncare products which focus on natural ingredients and recycled materials. The

Keen Shaving Kit

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Designed by Chad Kirsebom | Country: USA The goal of this project was to create a package set for a health and beauty product. I chose to do an old fashion shaving kit. One that would include a straight blade razor, leather sharpening strop, silver tip badger hair shaving

Duracell Promo Packaging

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Designed by Spencer Bigum | USA Batteries don’t just power cool things, anymore. They are the cool things. With this new package design for Duracell, I created a promotional tool to get people excited about the batteries they buy. I used icons from popular culture, like Star Wars, to help

Now and Next Products

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Designed by Caroline Saridewi | Country: USA Now&Next offers a wide array of high quality unique products with the goal of enhancing our shoppers lives at every stage. It divides into 3 categories; Bachelor, New Home, New Baby.

Taste of Honey

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Designed by Danielle Mitchell | Country: USA Branding and packaging for “Taste of Honey” product, name inspired by the Beatles. Includes: honey jars, wooden honey sampler, honey sticks and recipe cards.