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Opus One Winery

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Designed by Jennifer Wijaya | Country: USA As a part of advanced packaging class in the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, the assignment was to pick an existing California winery to design their wine label. This include designing two lower-tier wine, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, priced on $40

Cambium – Urban Shop Membership Kit

Designed By Stren Pipkin | Country: USA Cambium is more than a shop, its a family Main demographic focuses on 50-60 yr male woodworker who lives in the city but currently don”t have access to a shop. Members of Cambium pay a monthly fee to have access to industrial machines and

The Bitter Chocolatier

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Designed By Miguel Molina | Country: Canada The challenge: Create a sophisticated identity and packaging that reflect The Bitter Chocolatier’s luxury offering and ironic humour. The solution: The brand has an edge. The elegant look contrasts sharply with its ironic humour. Poking fun at himself, The Bitter Chocolatier tells his tales of misfortune throughout

Five Point Art Supplies

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Designed by Ryan Bosse | Country: USA Five Point art supplies are art products that appeal to the 20 to 40 year old artist. The in-store idea is that the detailed design will immediately catch the eye of any artist, being that every artist is detail oriented in someway. I wanted the design

Beaulieu Vineyard

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Designed by Phoebe Mak | Country: USA The assignment was to redesign an existing brand of wine in the market today. I chose Beaulieu Vineyard as my brand and designed labels for a lower end Cabernet Suavignon and Chardonnay and a higher end Cabernet Sauvignon along with a wine case.

Proper BBQ

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Designed by Tom Hayes | Country: United Kingdom Proper BBQ, enabling fine gentlemen to get messy. The range of products are essentials for the BBQ mad gentleman or the lavish messy hungry man, they were designed with a big bold punchy flavor in mind. Each product allows the user to

Sweet Spain

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Designed by Pau Puig | Country: Spain Sweet Spain is a Spanish company that produces typical sweets native to Spain. The packaging is based on a modular system for the entire line giving it a modern yet traditional feeling.

Supermarket Sweep

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Designed by Nick Reid | Country: United Kingdom I chose to redesign the packaging for pasta focusing on sustainability and eliminating the use of plastics. The new design is constructed in a unique way which allows the consumer to easily turn the edge of the box into an instant spout, allowing


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Designed by Letícia Motta | Country: Brazil Memologica is a game for children. The game is a way to make Math appears funny and interesting to children from 7 – 10 years old. It look like a memory game at first sight, but there are some differences that make the game more

Turó Blanc

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Designed by Andreu Zaragoza | Country: Spain This project was done in a workshop at Pati Núñez Studio that consisted of designs for two different types of olive oil but with the same brand. One is a limited production, ecological olive oil and the other is an industrial produced but sophisticated