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Bite Bakery branding and packaging

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Designed by Hannah Jackson | Country: United Kingdom Branding and packaging for a new bakery in Leeds. Concept: Fairtrade & organic bakery. Duration: Five weeks. Specifications: One colour + stock on Vegware biodegradable material.

Old Port Ice Cream

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Designed by Justin Barber | Country: USA Ice Cream the Old Fashioned Way. This comprehensive branding project was done as my final project for my Design 102: Color Theory class that includes the logo, packaging, website, collateral, and a 60 second advertisement. Old Port Ice Cream markets itself as

Blended from Imagination – Bigelow Tea

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Designed by Thanyaluck Keawkingkeo | Country: Thailand Blended from Imagination is the concept for new Bigelow tea. I created overall design based on brand history that the founder (Ruth Campbell Bigelow) produced her homemade tea from experiment. The purpose is to be able to express the art of making tea and

Chimney – Charcoal Grilling Pack

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Designed by Chris Yoon | Country: USA The Chimney is a single use charcoal grilling pack derived from the concept of a traditional charcoal chimney, but without the bulk and extra hassle. Equipped with an internal shaft, the Chimney uses flame retention and convection to ignite the coals rather than relying

Chalk It Up packaging

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Designed by Sarah Minnerly | Country: USA Chalk It Up came to life by mixing the two concepts of chalk and art. I wanted the box itself to be environmentally friendly, and interactive with the user. This way, the box has a secondary use making it much more sustainable. The

Tatlı Şeyler cocoa packaging

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Designed by Bora Mesut Palas | Country: Turkey Logo, illustration and packaging for my package design class. Tatlı Şeyler (Turkish for “Sweet Things”) was an imaginary client who’s about to release some bakery decoration products like cocoa, sesame and coconut. These are the two alternatives I’ve done (metal cylinder and regular

LÉ PECHÉ Premium Absinthe Packaging

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Designed by Daniel Brokstad | Country: Norway LE PÉCHÉ is a Premium Absinthe from Switzerland. It was Founded under another name in 1880 in the canton of Neuchâtel. However, in 1910 absinthe was banned from sale and production in Switzerland, and it was at this time some continued to

Via XX settembre

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Designed by Espen Hansen | Country: Norway Packaging design for an Italian farm house that produce organic food for fresh markets. The design needed to be DIY to some extend.

Lenox Ave.

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Designed by Malcolm Simmons | Country: USA Lenox Ave. is an upscale restaurant offering the best in American and international fine dining. The styling of the identity aligns itself with the classic aesthetic of the restaurant, the brand and the food.

J.K. Brewing Co. Packaging

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Designed by Kyle Janisch | Country: USA Packaging design for an Irish Stout that I brewed in the fall of 2011. Collaborative project with Jen Donatelli. We came up with all the names, copy text, slogan, and all designs. Includes beer bottle labels, glass logo mark, 4 pack box,