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Amber Woods Maple Grove

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Designed by Rachael Kalagher | Country: USA Amber Woods is a fictional company based in Woodstock Vermont specializing in premium maple products. They carry all 4 grades of maple syrup, sugars, jams, and candies, and sell their products both in their branded retail store, and in gift shops throughout the state.

Kleenex Desktop Companion

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Designed by Chris Yoon | Country: USA This project began with a thought to design packaging with designers in mind, so I started to brainstorm for everyday items that could be reimagined and eventually landed upon Kleenex. Since I’m including myself in the target audience, I started to think

Piggie Paints Packaging

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Designed by Donna Roggi | Country: USA I designed these paint cans for a small children’s boutique. Adorable characters, and V.O.C. Free!

General Electric CFL Bulbs

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Designed by Chul Lee | Country: USA Rebranding of Earth Hour. With the support of General Electric’s lighting supplies, Earth Hour is creating awareness by informing the consumers to replace their bulbs, save money on their bills as well as participate at the annual event by switching off the lights for

Oh My Dog! packaging

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Designed by Alfonso Sotelo Nava & Martha Robertson | Country: Spain During a workshop of the master of packaging at ELISAVA (Barcelona), we have to design the graphic for a standard line of dog hair care. We start thinking how people wash their dogs, were they wash them, who wash them, when

Botanic Flavors

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Designed by Kyle Janisch, Jenna Taylor, Allie Hess, and Kim Winder. | Country: USA Line of ice cream designed to be sold in the UDairy Creamery in an effort to draw attention to the University of Delaware Botanic Gardens. Monthly flavors are based off of the seasonal plants of the

A.O. Vinje GIN Packaging

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Designed by Espen Hansen | Country: Norway Packaging design for school assignment 3th year comm design RMIT Inspired by the history of Aasmund Olafson Vinje, a Norwegian author and journalist.

Harvey Milk Wine

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Designed by Emily Hale | Country: USA A wine that pays tribute to the memory of Harvey Milk. This deep, rich, Cabernet Sauvignon has a strong backbone of tartness, as strong as the determined Harvey Milk, whom fought for equal rights in San Francisco as well as gay rights

Axe & Flannel Mountain Made Products

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Designed by Rachael Kalagher | Country: USA Founded by Abernathy Axe and Richard Flannel in 1946, Axe & Flannel began as an attempt to save a dying breed; The Lumberjack. For Axe and Flannel, no log was too big, no forest too wide. Two men so manly, they could make any

Cofé Camp – FC Barcelona Cafe

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Designed by Ivan Burmistrov, Natali Bovshover & Allex Andreev | Country: Russia Project done for the cafe FC Barcelona (Football Club Barcelona also known as Barcelona and familiarly as Barça, is a professional football club, based in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain) The main task was design a series of coffee packaging and take-away