Helldunkel (Lightdark)

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Designed by Sung-Hi Leem | Country: Germany The fictional company “Helldunkel”, combines a traditional bakery offering micro-brewed beers as a way to experience the diversity and taste of the region. During the mill production, the regionally harvested grain is freshly milled or processed into malt. The unfiltered, natural beers are complimented


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Designed by Joris Rigerl | Country: Austria “Eutergold” is a fictional brand that produces locally-sourced dairy products. It sets itself apart from its competitors by offering non-micro-filtrated products which don’t follow the extended shelf life trend but instead offer more natural taste.


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Designed by Donica Ida | Country: USA North is a location-based mobile application that helps you discover meaningful places in nature through the stories of others. By aggregating locations and personal experiences from its users, North creates a curated database of places in nature from around the world. While


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Designed by Cecilia Uhr | Country: Canada For this project, Uhr examined reinventing packaging for rawhide sticks for dogs. The product offering includes three different stick sizes. Each rawhide stick has a specific type of dog chosen to illustrate the product size. The mouth of each dog is cut out, to allow

D&S – Wedding Invitation

Designed by Paula M. Montoto | Country: Spain Wedding invitation for Daniel & Sandra. Crane & Co Lettra 600gr. cotton paper. Letterpress 1 color Graphic designer currently based in Valencia, Spain. My work is mainly focused in editorial design, branding and typography.

Figula Olaszrizling 2013 Wine

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Designed by Peltán-Brosz Roland & Rohmann Nóra | Country: Hungary Our work intends to highlight the importance of the land and the vine as a plant on which a great emphasis was placed on the description of the competition. The focus is mainly on the 35-year-old roots, which enmeshes the bottle

God’s Love We Deliver – Annual Report

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Designed by Sean O’Connor | Country: USA This is a proposed redesign of an annual report for an awesome organization out of NYC called God’s Love We Deliver. God’s Love improves the health and well-being of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses by alleviating hunger


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Designed by David Massara & Alexandre Pietra | Country: Switzerland Montreux is a city located in Switzerland known for its wealth of scenery, part of luxury life and internationality (business, schools and festivals). The project is to integrate these aspects in a new own visual identity to the city,

Tommy Shelby Whiskey

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Designed by Scott Biersack | Country: USA I’m completely obsessed with the new hit Netflix series, Peaky Blinders. So much that I decided to design and develop an entire whiskey brand around the main character of the show, Tommy Shelby. Everything from the label, to the box, the wax seal and


Designed by Demecs Fanni | Country: Hungary This identity concept was made for VITAKING supplements company for new quality food products in Hungary.